Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.
The fool speaks, the wise man listens. 
Wisdom does not come overnight. 
The heart of the wise man lies quiet like limpid water.
Wisdom is like fire. People take it from others.
Only a wise person can solve a difficult problem.
Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand.


A.A. Milne Abandonment Abigail Adams Abilities Abraham Lincoln Abraham Maslow Absurd Acceptance Act Action Actions Activism Actors Adaptation Addiction Adrian-ivashkov Adulthood Advance Advantage Adventure Adversity Advice Advice-for-writers Affection African Proverbs Agama Agatha Christie Age age-adult Aggression Agnosticism Agree Ailment Akan Proverbs Alanna Albert Camus Albert Einstein Albert Schweitzer Alchemy Alchohol Alcohol Aldous Huxley Alec Alexander McCall Smith Alexander Pope Alfred Tennyson Alice Walker Alice-in-wonderland Alienation Allen Saunders Ally Condie Alone Alyson Alyson Noel Ambition Ambitious Ambrose Bierce America Amity Amos Bronson Alcott Amusement Amusing Amy Tan Anaïs Nin André Breton Andre Gide Andy Warhol Angel Angels Anger Angst Animal-farm Animals Ann Brashares Ann Patchet Ann Richards Annabeth-chase Anne Brontë Anne Frank Anne Lamott Anne Morrow Lindbergh Anne Rice Anne Sexton Annoy Anonymous Answer Antipathy Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Antolini Anxiety Apathy Apollo Apothegm Appearances Appetite Apple Appreciate Appreciation April Arabic Proverb Ardor Argument Aristotle Arnold Lobel Arrogance Art Artemis Arthur Brisbane Arthur C. Clarke Arthur Miller Artist Arts Arundhati Roy Asap Ash Ashanti Proverbs Asleep Aspirations Assumption Astrologer Astronomer ASUS Atheist Athena Attention Attitude Attraction Attractiveness Attributed-no-source Audre Lorde Audrey Hepburn Audrey Niffenegger Audreynegge Niffer August Strindberg Authors Auto Awareness Awesome Ayn Rand Babies Bachelorhood Bad Bad-girls Bad-memory Bad-Reviews Bailey Baltasar Gracián Barbara Kingsolver Barbara Taylor Bradford Bateke Proverbs Baths Battle Battle-of-the-sexes Be-yourself Beatitudes Beatles Beautiful Beauty Becca Fitzpatrick Becca-fitzpatrick Bed Before-i-fall Behave Being-alone Being-loved Being-yourself Belief Believe Bella Bella-Swan Ben Jonson Benediction Benjamin Franklin Bereavement Bernard M. Baruch Bernard Malamud Betrayal Better Betty Friedan Betty Midler Beware Beyond Bible Big Bill Bryson Bill Watterson Birds Birth Birthday Bitch Bitter Blackjack Bleeding Blessed Blind Blindness Blood-promise Blossoms Bob Dylan Bob Marley Bohumil Hrabal Boldness Book Books Bordem Born Borrowing Bow BoxOffice Boys Brains Bram Stoker Bravery Breakfast Breakfast-brilliant Breaking Breasts Breed Brian Andreas Brokenness Bruce Brton Bryce Courtney Buddism Buganda Proverbs Burdens Business C. JoyBell C C. JoyBell C. C.S. Lewis Calvin-and-hobbes Camera Cameroon Proverbs Cancer Candace Bushnell Canoodle Capability Care Career Carl Sagan Carolyn G. Heilbrun Carpe-diem Cassandra Clare Catching-fire Catherine Gilbert Murdock Cats Caution Cecelia Ahern Celebrity Censor Certainty Cesare Pavese Challenges Change Character Charity Charles Bukowski Charles de Lint Charles Dickens Charles Eames Charles M. Schulz Charlie-brown Charlotte Brontë Cher Cherry-blossoms Chess Chew Child Childhood Childhood-memory Children Chinese Proverb Chivalry Chocolate Choice Choices Christian-behavior Christianity Christmas Christopher Hitchens Christopher Marlowe Chuck Palahniuk Church City-of-ashes City-of-bones City-of-fallen-angels City-of-glass Clary Clary-fray Classic Classic-insult Classics Clean Clever Cleverness Clique Clockwork-angel Clockwork-prince Clowns Clubs Coach Coco Chanel Coffe Coined-words Collection College Collins Comedy Comfort Common-experience Common-sense Communal Communicate Communication Companion Companionship Compassion Compete Complain Conceit Concern Confession Confidence Confucius Confused Confusion Congolese Proverbs Connecting Conqueror Consolation Content Control Controversy Conversations Cormac McCarthy Cornelia Funke Correctness Corrie ten Boom Cosmetics Courage Covetous Cows Cracks Craziness Crazy Creativity Crescendo Crime Crossroads Crowd Crown Cry Crying Culture Cure Curiosity Curses D.H. Lawrence D.J. MacHale Dalai Lama XIV Damitri Dan-brown Dance Dancing Dandy Danger Dangerous Daniel Pennac Daring Dark-humor Darkness Dating David Foster Wallace David Levithan David Sedaris Dawn Day Daytime Dead Deaf Dean Acheson Dean Koontz Dearth Death Death-and-dying Death-life-convictions Deathly-Hallows Deborah Reber Decision Deeds Deep Defeat Defenses Definitions Delicacy delight DELL Demands Demographics Demons Depressing Depression Desert Desire Desires Desk Despair Desperation Destiny Devil Die Difference Difficulty Dignity Diligence Dimitri Dinner Dionysus Diplomat Direction Dirt Dirty-entry Disappointment Disapproval Discipline Discovery Discworld Diseases Dislike Disobediance Distance Divide Divination Dizziness Dodie Smith Dog Dogs Doing Dorothy Parker Double-standards Doubt Douglas Adams Douglas Coupland Dr. Seuss Dracula Dream Dreaming Dreams Dress Dresses Dressing Drinking Drown Drugs Drunk Duality Duck Dumb Dumbledore Dursley Duty Dying Dystopia E.E. Cummings E.L. James Ear Earnestness Earning Earth Eastern-philosophy Eat-pray-love Eating Eating-Reading Eckhart Tolle Ecstasy Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Degas Edith Sitwell Edith Wharton Edmond Rostand Edmund Burke Education Edward Edward Albee Edward Lear Effort Einstein Elaine May Elbert Hubbard Eleanor Roosevelt Elections Elie Wiesel Elinor Glyn Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Elizabeth Barrett Browning Elizabeth Gilbert Elizabeth Hurley Elizabeth-Gilbert Elizabethan Ellen Bass Emilie Autumn Emily Brontë Emily Dickinson Emma Emotion Emotions Empathy Employ Empowerment Emptiness Encouragement End Enemies Enemy Enlightenment Entertainment Enthusiasm Envy Eoin Colfer Epitaph Equality Equation Eric Roth Erich Fromm Ernest Hemingway Error Escape Essay Ethics Ethiopian Proverbs Eudora Welty Eugene O'Neill Eva Longoria Eva Mendes Evaluate Evangelism Evermore Everything Evil Example Excellence Excuses Exist Existence Exit Expectations Experience Explosions Eye Candy F. Scott Fitzgerald Fable Fact Faery Failure Fair Fairy Faith Fake Fall Fallen-angels Fame Family Famous Fannie Flagg Fantasy Far Fashion Fast Fat Fate Faxness Fear Fearlessness Fears Featured Feed Feeling Fellowship Femininity Feminism Fetish Fiction Fight Fighting Final Fire First First-sentence Flannery O'Connor Flexibility Flowers Fly Flying Follow Food Food-discussion Fool Foolish Foolishness Fools Forcasting Force Forgetting Forgive Forgiveness Fortune Fortuneteller Fountainhead Francesco Petrarca Francis Bacon Frank Herbert Frank Zappa Franz Kafka Fred Fred Rogers Frederick W. Cropp Free Freedom Freedom-of-religion Fresh-Starts Friedrich Nietzsch Friedrich Nietzsche Friend Friends Friendship From-ulysses Full Movie Fun Funeral Funny Future Fyodor Dostoyevsky G.K. Chesterton Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez Galileo Galilei Game Games Gamgee Gandhi Garden Garrison Keillor Gautama Buddha Gayle Forman Gem Gena Showalter Gender-stereotypes Gene Fowler Gene Stratton-Porter Generation George Bernard Shaw George Carlin George Eliot George Herbert George Meredith George Orwell George R.R. Martin George Sand George Santayana George Saunders George Washington Georgina Gerard Way Girls Gita Give Giving Glamour Gloria Naylor Gloria Steinem Glory Glut Goals God Gods Gold Gonzo Good Good Luck Good-books Goodbye Goodman Ace Goodness Google Gordon B. Hinckley Government Governments Grace-brisbane Grammer Grave Great-first-lines Greatness Greed Greek Grief Groans Groucho Marx Group Growing-up Growth Guest Guillaume Apollinaire Guilty Guinean Proverbs Gullibility Guns Gustave Flaubert Guy de Maupassant H. Jackson Brown H.G. Wells H.L. Mencken h\Happiness Habit Habits Hades Hagrid Haiku Half-blood Happiness Happy Harper Lee Harrison Ford Harry-potter Haruki Murakami Harvest Harvey Fierstein Haste Hate Hatred Head Healing Health Hear Heart Heartache Heartbreak Heathcliff Heaven Helen Keller Hell Help Hema Proverbs Henry David Thoreau Henry Miller Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Herbert Hoover Hergé Hermann Hesse Hg2g Hide Hilarious Hilary Mantel History Hobbit Hodge Holden Holden-caulfield Hollywood Home Homicide Honesty Honor Hope Horoscope Horror Horse Host Hot House How Howard Nemerov Howard Thurman HP Hrithik Roshan Humanity Humans Humble Humility Humor Humor-miracles Humor-sarcasm Humor-writing-craft Humorist Humour Hunger-games-peeta-katniss Hunter S. Thompson Hurt Hush Hush-hush Hypocrisy I-think-this-is-very-cute Ian Ian Fleming Ice-cream-sandwhiches Ideas Identity Idiocy Idiots Idleness Iggy Ignorance Ills Illusion Images Imagination Immorality Immortals Imogen-herondale Impact Imperfection Importance Important Impossible Impression Improbability Imran Khan Independence Indian Proverbs Indiscretion Individuality Indulgence Inequality Infatuation Inferior Infidelity Information Initiative Injury Inkheart Inner Inner-beauty Inner-life Inquistor Insanity Insightful Inspiration Inspirational Inspirational-attitude Inspirational-human-spirit Inspirational-life Inspirational-quotes Inspirational-success-failure Instructor Insults Integrity Intellect Intelligence Intention Interview Intoxication Introspection Invitation Iris Murdoch Irony Isaac Asimov Isaac Newton Isabelle Isabelle-lightwood Isadora Duncan ISK Islam J.D. Salinger J.K. Rowling J.M. Barrie J.R. Ward J.R.R. Tolkien Jace Jace-Lightwood Jace-wayland Jack Kerouac Jack London Jacob James James Baldwin James Joyce James Lecesne James Patterson James-bond James-joyce Jamie Jamie McGuire Jane Austen Jane Smiley Janet Evanovich Janet Fitch Japan Jared Jarod Kintz Jasper Fforde Jay Asher Jealousy Jean de La Bruyère Jean Kerr Jean-Paul Sartre Jeanette Winterson Jeffrey Eugenides Jennifer Egan Jennifer L. Armentrout Jerk Jerry Seinfeld Jesus Jim Butcher Jim Morrison Joan Didion Job Jodi Picoult Johann Wolfgang von Goethe John Berger John Burroughs John Cheever John F. Kennedy John Gillespie Magee Jr. John Green John Greenleaf Whittier John Henry Newman John Irving John Keats John le Carré John Lennon John Milton John Steinbeck John-green Johnny Depp Joke Jon Krakauer Jonathan Safran Foer Joni Eareckson Tada Jordan-baker Jordan-kyle Jorge Luis Borges José Saramago Joseph Campbell Joseph Heller Joseph Joubert Josephine Winslow Johnson Joss Whedon Journey Joy Judge Judging-from-experience Judy Blume Judy Garland Jule Styne Jules de Gaultier Jules Renard Jules Verne Julie Kagawa Julie-kagawa Just-listen Justice Kahlil Gibran Kami Garcia Karen Marie Moning Karl Menninger Katharine Hepburn Kathleen Tessaro Katniss Katniss-everdeen Kazuo Ishiguro Keith Richards Ken Kesey Kenyan Proverbs Khaled Hosseini Kill Killing Kind Kindness King Kiss Kissing kissing-quotes Knowledge Kobayashi Issa Kristen Stewart Kurt Cobain Kurt Vonnegut L. Frank Baum L.J. Smith L.M. Montgomery Labor Language Lao Tzu Laptop Last Last-words Late Laugh Laughing Laughter Laura Hillenbrand Laura Ingalls Wilder Laurell K. Hamilton Lauren Conrad Lauren Kate Lauren Oliver Laurie Halse Anderson Law Lawrence Ferlinghetti Lawyer Lazy Leadership Learn Learning Leaving-home Lecture Ledership Lemony Snicket Lena-holoway Lending Lenovo Leo Tolstoy Les Brown Leslie Marmon Silko Lesson Letters Letting-go Lewis Lewis Carroll LG Liar Libba Bray Liberty Libraries Library Lie Lies Life Life Lesson Life Style Life-and-living Life-choices-fig-trees Life-humor Life-lessons Life-pattern Life-surrealistic Lifetime Light Lillian Hellman Lily Tomlin Limit Limitation Lion Lips Lisa Schroeder Heartbreak Listening Literary Literature Live Live-in-the-moment Living Loan Logic Lois Lowry Lois McMaster Bujold Loneliness Longing Lonliness Looks Lord-henry-wotton Loser Losing Loss Lost-love Loud Louis Adamic Louisa May Alcott Love Love-at-first-sight Love-friendship Love-hug Lover Lovers Loyality Loyalty Ludovic Halévy Lullaby Lunch Lupin Luxury Lying Machines Mad-hatter Madeleine L'Engle Madness Mae West Maggie Stiefvater Magic Magnificent Magnus-bane Mahatma Gandhi Maia Mail Makeup Malagasy Proverbs Malcolm X Malfoy Man Man Booker Prize Management Manga Mankind Manners Mao Tse Tung Marcel Proust Marcus Tullius Cicero Margaret Atwood Margaret Mitchell Mariah Carey Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Marilyn Monroe Marilyn-monroe Marion Zimmer Bradley Mark Strand Mark Twain Markus Zusak Marriage Marthe Troly-Curtin Martin Amis Martin Luther King Jr. Martyrdom Mary Oliver Masashi Kishimoto Master Materialism Maturity Max Maximum-ride Maxine Kumin Maxride Maya Angelou Meal Medicine Mediocre Meditation Meg Cabot Meghan Melancholy Melanie Membership Memorandum Memories Memory Men men-and-women Mercy Merriment Metaphysics Michael Crichton Michael Cunningham Michel de Montaigne Milan Kundera Mind Mind-It Miracles Mirage Mirror Misattributed Misattributed-betty-white Misattributed-Eleanor-roosevelt Misattributed-to-marilyn-monroe Misery Mistakes Mitch Albom Mockingjay Modeling Modest Mouse Money Monitor Moon Morality Morals Morganvillevampires Moroccan Proverbs Mortal-instruments Mortality Mortimer J. Adler Mother Mother Teresa Motivation Motivational Mottos Mountains Mourning Mouth Movie Movie- Mr-knightley Movies Moving-forward Moving-on Mundane Murder Music Must-Read My-psalm Mythological Nagasawa Name-of-the-wind Namibian Proverbs Napoleon Hill Naruto Nathaniel Hawthorne Nationalism Nations Nature Ned Vizzini Neighbors Neil Gaiman Neurosis New-beginnings New-ideas News Nicholas Sparks Nicholas-sparks Nick Hornby Nicole Krauss Nigerian Proverbs Night Night-world Nikos Kazantzakis Noble Noel Nonsense Nora Nora Roberts Nora-gray Nora-grey Norman Mailer Northanger-abbey Novelist Nursery-rhymes Obsession Obvious Ocean Of Old Old-age Oliver James Oliver Wendell Holmes Olympians on-fiction On-the-road Once Onion Open Open-mindedness Opening-lines Opera Opinion Opportunity Opposite Oprah Winfrey Optimism Optimist Orator Organized-religion Originality Orson Welles Oscar Wilde Osip Mandelstam Outer Ovid Owen Own P.G. Wodehouse Pablo Neruda Pablo Picasso Pacifism Pain Paintings Paradise Paradox Paranormal-romance Parenthood Parenting Parents Parting Passion Past Patch Path Patience Patricia A. McKillip Patrick Rothfuss Patrick-rothfuss Paula Fox Pauline Kael Paulo Coelho pc Peace Peanut-butter Peeta Peeta-mellark People Perception Percy-jackson Perfection Perseverance Persistence Person Person Stephanie Perkins Personality Perspective Pessimism Pete Wentz Peter Abelard Peter Ustinov Phenomenal-woman Philip Pullman Philosophical Philosophy Philosophy-of-life Physics Piet Mondrian Pig Piglet Pigs Pioneer Pittacus Lore Plans Plato Play Pleasure Poem Poetry Politics Pooh-bear Poor Popular Poseidon Positive-thinking Possibilities Possibility Poverty Power Power-of-music Power-of-words Praise Prank Prayer Precept Present Pretending Pride Prince Principia Principles Priyanka Chopra Problems Procrastination Profit Progress Promise Prosperity Protection Proverb Psyc Charles Dickenshology Puck Punch Punishment Purpose Qotd Quality Quarrel Question Questioning Questions Quip Quote Quote Lauren Oliver Quotes Rabbits Rabindranath Tagore Rachel Caine Rachel-elizabeth-dare Radiance Radio Rain Ralph Ellison Ralph Waldo Emerson Randy Pausch Rat-race Ravings Ray Bradbury Raymond Chandler Reach-out Read Readers-and-writers Reading ReadingStéphane Mallarmé Ready-made Reality Realization Reason Reasoning Rebecca West Rebel Rebellion Recipes Recovery Regret Regular Reincarnation Reinvention Relationship Relationships Religion Religious Remember Remembrance Reminding Remy Rena-silverman Renewal Repeat Repression Respect Rest Results Revelation Revenge Review Revolution Reward Rewind Rhett-butler-to-scarlett Rich Richard Brinsley Sheridan Richard Evans Richard Wilbur Richelle Mead Rick Riordan Rick Riordan Apollo Ride Ridiculous Rights Risk Rita Mae Brown River Road Roald Amundsen Roald Dahl Robert A. Heinlein Robert Benchley Robert Brault Robert Frost Robert Fulghum Robin-Goodfellow Rock Rocks Rodney Dangerfield Romain Rolland Romance Romantic Romeo-and-Juliet Ron-weasley Root Rosalie Rose Rose Kennedy Rose-hathaway Roses Rubbish Ruby-anger Rulers Rules Rumi Run Russian Proverb S.G. Tallentyre Sacrifice Sad Sadness Sal-paradise Sam-roth Same Samsung Samuel Johnson Samuel Taylor Coleridge Samuel-Becket Samwise Sanity Santa Santa-claus Sara-dessen Sarah Dessen Sarcasm Sarcastic Satisfaction Saul Bellow Sausage Save Scare Scared Scars Scheme Science Science-fiction Scott Westerfeld Sea Seán O'Casey Search Season Sebastian sebastian-verlac Secret Secret-vampire Seeing Seek Sehind Self Self-acceptance Self-determination Self-discovery Self-empowerment Self-esteem Self-expression Self-Knowledge Self-loathing Self-reliance selfishness Selling Semicolons Sense Separation September Servant Service Sex Sexuality Shadow shadow-kiss Shadowhunters Shame Shannon Hale Share Sharing Sheep Shel Silverstein Shelves Sheng Wang Sherrilyn Kenyon Shiver Shop Shore Short Shovels Shower Silence Silent Silly Simon Simon-Lewis Simone de Beauvoir Simone Elkeles Simplicity Sin Sing Singer Single Singleness Singles Sirius Sisterhood Sisters Sixties Size Skeptic Skills Sky Slave Sleep Sleeping Slow Small Smile Smiling Snape Snow Society Socks Socrates Softness Soldier Solution Somali Proverbs Song Sony Sophie Kinsella Søren Kierkegaard sorrow Soul Soul Mate Soulmates Souls Speak Speech Speed Spinsterhood Spiritual Spirituality Spouse Spring Stabbed Star Stars Statesman Steal Stephanie Perkins Stephen Chbosky Stephen King Stephen R. Covey Stephenie Meyer Steve Maraboli Stieg Larsson Stoicism Stop Stories Storm Story Story-people Strange Strategy Straw Strength Student Stupid Success Succubus Sue Monk Kidd Suffering Sufi Suicide Summer Sun Sunshine Super Car Superior Superlatives Supper Support Surety Suzanne Collins Suzanne-collins Swahili Proverbs Swan Swear Sweet Sylvia Plath SystemsAlbert Einstein T.H. White T.S. Eliot Tab Tahereh Mafi Talking Tamora Pierce Tamora-pierc Tanzanian Proverbs Taste Taylor Swift Taylor Swift.Change Tea Teacher Teaching Tears Technology Teenager Television Temptation Terry Pratchett Tessa-gray Test Texas Tfios Thanksgiving The Book Thief The-fault-in-our-stars The-hunger-games The-iron-king Theodore Roosevelt Theologian Theresa-gray Thin Thing Things Think Thinking Thomas Merton Thorns Thought Thought-provoking Thoughtful Throne Tim Burton Time Timothy Leary Today Together Tolerance Tolkien Tom Clancy Tom Robbins Tomas Jefferson Tomorrow Tongue Toni Morrison Tools Top 10 Toshiba Touchin Touching Tough Tragedy Trailer Travel Treasure Treatment Trees Trends Trials Trials-of-life Trouble True Trust Truth Trying Tumble TV Twilight Saga Tyson UltraBook Ulysses Un Unbreakable Unbreakable-vow Unburdening Uncertain Uncle-jeb Understanding Unhappiness Unique Unity Universe Unseen Unthinkable Unthought Urgency Ursula K. Le Guin Valentine-morgenstern Valour Value Values Vampire Vampire-academy Ved Mehta Veronica Roth Vice Vicious Victor Hugo Video Viewpoint Vincent van Gogh Virginia Woolf Virtue Visiting Voice Voltaire W. Somerset Maugham W.B. Yeats W.H. Auden Wait Walk Wallflower Wallpaper Walt Disney Company Walt Whitman Walter Mosley Walter Scott Wanda War Waste Water Wayfinding Weakness Wealth Weather Wedding weeping Weight Wendy Mass Whitney Otto Why Wife Wilde Wilkie Collins Will Will Rogers Will-herondale Willa Cather William Blake William Faulkner William Gibson William Goldman William H. Gass William Makepeace Thackeray William Nicholson William S. Burroughs William Shakespeare William W. Purkey Willpower Window Wine Wings Winks Winnie-the-pooh Winston Churchill Winter Wisdom Wisdom Ludwig van Beethoven Wise Wisedom Wish Wisława Szymborska Wit Witch Witchcraft Witches Wizard Wizards Woman Women Women-rebel Wonder Wonder Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Wonders Woods Woody Allen Words Work World Wrestling Wristwatch Writer Writers Writing Wrong Wyndham Lewis Yesterday Young-adult-fiction Young-at-heart Yourself Youth Youthfulness Yves Saint-Laurent Zarek Zelda Fitzgerald Zora Neale Hurston Zyvan